Free Remotely Hosted Guestbooks

Free Remotely Hosted Guestbooks

Ultraguest.comGet a free guestbook for your wedding, sports team, blog, website or special event. You can be up and running within minutes.

Ultraguest guestbooks are virtually spam free, fully customizable, are easy to delete or edit messages plus includes guestmaps, smileys and more.

123 GuestbookAt you can get a free guestbook for your website. The visitors of your site can leave a message on this guestbook. You can also use your guestbook as a forum or newsgroup. offers you an easy-to-use, completely free of charge powerful guestbook with lots of customizable options.

GuestcityYour Guest Book can be customized to suit your requirements. A Guestcity guestbook will help you keep in touch with your visitors and keep them coming back. Remotely hosted so no programming is needed.

Many features included such as customizable layouts, ban offensive visitors, CAPTCHA image protection, private entries and more.

GuestbooklandFree remotely hosted guestbook.

A Guestbookland guestbook includes features such as IP blocker, CAPTCHA, word filters, emoticons, easy delete comments, anti spam and more.

Guestbookland also offers a free PHP guestbook script you can install on your server.

Guestbooks4freeFully customizable guestbooks.

Choose from over 40 languages. Colors and layout are completely customizable. Easy to edit or delete messages.

Every guestbook includes a large package of smileys.

SmartGuestbookFree Guestbook for your website. Easy and quick setup. Advanced language and spam filter. Customizable design and input fields.

Password protect and backup your guestbooks.

BravenetCustomize the title graphic, the title and a sub-title description. Choose any background graphic and color. Pick suitable colors for the text: questions, answers, visitor names. Decide on a dividing graphic. Put in a little background music on your guestbook.

Ask any questions you like, up to fifteen. In any language! Turn off/on profanity checking and/or permitting images to be posted. Receive notification by e-mail when someone signs your guestbook. IP address banning allows you to stop people from signing. Spell checking.

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